Graduates in Wonderland

Graduates in Wonderland

By Jessica Pan and Rachel Kapelke-Dale

graduates in wonderland

As two best friends part ways, they strive to keep in touch as they document their post-college lives abroad in this hilarious, relatable memoire.

With Jess in Beijing and Rachel in New York, this book is perfect for any post-grads in coping with life after college. As these girls stumble to grasp adulthood and reinventing themselves, they travel through France, China and Australia while sending e-mails to one another outlining (in much detail) their new adventures, from break-ups to job opportunities and the like.

For me, Graduates in Wonderland made me feel a million times better about my move to Ireland as I read how these two besties were able to share their very different lives with one another, while still maintaining their incredibly strong friendship. You’ll certainly be able to relate if miles have ever separated you from your best friends.

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