The Long Library and Book of Kells

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

The Book of Kells is famous for being one of the oldest Gospel manuscripts in the world. Written in 800 AD, it was written by four teenaged monks, and is most famous for it’s incredible illustrations as the monks used colours that would have been extremely difficult to come aIMG_6575cross in these days. Even more impressive is the Book of Armagh, which was written in 700 AD and contains St. Patrick’s daily confessions. It is the reason we know so much about him today (fun fact: he was brought to Ireland as a slave, and never really drove all the snakes out of Ireland – that was talk after one too many a Guinness.)

Both of these books are housed in the Long Library at Trinity college, which itself is home to 200,000 first edition books. It is the most incredible thing to see and, when knowing so much of its history and seeing how much greatness there was in this one room, made me want to cry. It is absolutely an unforgettable experience just to bear witness to such history, and is a must-see during your travels to Ireland.

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