Questions All Canadians Are Tired of Answering

Questions All Canadians Are Tired of Answering

Being a foreigner in another country, a lot of people are really interested in where I come from. A lot of the time (once people hear me speak), almost everyone assumes I’m from the U.S. But No. No, no, no, my dear friends, I am Canadian. We may have similar accents, but the comparison stops there. Upon learning that I’m Canadian, people become a lot more enthusiastic and start asking me tons of questions about life in Canada.

Although some people do understand the Canadian lifestyle, and know not to pay any attention to the stereotypes, there are actually a shocking amount of individuals who have absolutely no idea what it’s like in Canada, and have come up with some crazy assumptions while trying to imagine it all. The worst offenders seem to be our dear neighbours from the South. I have no idea where they are getting their information from, but some of the questions that I, as well as my fellow Canadian travellers, have been asked are completely and utterly irrational. Seriously, where they come up with it, I’ll never know.

Compiled below are a list of some of the most simple and ridiculous questions people have asked myself, and friends, about Canada. I swear to you: on the beaver, the flag, and our beloved maple syrup, these are actual questions asked by actual people on our travels, and they’re sure to make all you Hosers give your head a good shake.

1. Are you enjoying modern technology?

2. Do you drive a bobsled?

3. Do people actually live in igloos?

4. What time do you turn on the Northern Lights?

5. Oh! My son, Johnny, lives in Canada. Do you know him?

6. Does everyone play Hockey? Like, is that just what everyone does there?

7. Have you ever ridden a moose?

8. Why do you have bagged milk?

9. Do you have to check your back yard for polar bears before going outside?

10. Is it winter all year round?

11. If the snow melts, do you have to get around by canoe?

12. What state is Toronto in?

13. Is a road trip to British Columbia from Halifax a good idea for the weekend?

14. Who’s your president?

15. How is the Canadian dollar worth less than the American dollar if it’s made of gold?

16. Why do Canadians need to make sure everyone knows they’re not American? Aren’t they the same thing?

17. Why do you guys say “eh” at the end of every sentence? What’s that A-BOOT?

18. Why can’t you speak French?

19. How can you be cold? You’re Canadian.

20. Why is everyone so nice?

If you have ever asked one of these questions to a citizen of the Great White North, it may be time to take a step back and think about your life for a moment. No, we can’t all know everything about every country, but can you really picture us riding around on moose and polar bears, drinking maple syrup and playing hockey all day long?

Sounds about right.

To all of you Canadians out there combating these stereotypical questions, I salute you. Though your battle is persistent, and may seem futile, I urge you to stay strong! For we are many, and must spread the word of our great nation in order to educate the ignorant and show everyone what Canada is really all about (Plus, it’s great fun to mess with those who pose such foolish questions).

We stand on guard for thee!

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