Scottish Bagpipes

Scottish Bagpipes

After leaving the Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, we headed down the Royal Mile to explore Old Town. Along the way, we heard bagpipes echoing throughout the streets. Following the music, we were led to this fellow playing the bagpipes in the street. Of course we had to stop for photos and videos: one of the most moving sounds in the world emerges from such pipes. Ingrained deeply in Scottish history, this melody provided the perfect setting for our day’s adventures.

2 thoughts on “Scottish Bagpipes

  1. I have the same guy, from multiple trips on video and photo! I finally had a chat with him my last trip this past April! I love Scotland. Go north, really north, the west & I mean way west. The Isle of Skye, Harris & Hirta have my 💜! Happy travels!

    1. That’s the dream ! We drove through the Highlands, but there’s so much more west I want to see. Scotland is just so majestically beautiful 😍

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