Keywest’s “Beautiful Fool”

Keywest’s “Beautiful Fool”

Walking through Galway city, turning around the corner from the local market, we were taken aback by a sea of people standing around listening to a beautiful cover of “Little Talks.” Out amongst the crowd, we see Keywest busking on Shop Street. There to perform for their fans, while selling their latest album, they played on throughout that Sunday afternoon, having a blast and making everyone within earshot fall in love with them.

With members from both England and Ireland, the band is based out of Dublin, and have one of the most unique and powerful sounds you will ever hear. Every time I listen to “Into your arms,” “Better Man,” and “Road to Damnation,” I get chills. This is a band you’ll want to see from start to finish, in their prime. Having played together these past three years, their popularity has instantly skyrocketed across the country. You can like them on facebook and twitter @keywestofficial, or click here to access their website and learn more about them, and get the latest info on tour dates and music downloads.

For taking the time to answer all of our questions, connecting with your fans, and promoting independently after your signing, this one’s for you. Thanks for making my Sunday, lads!

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