Irish Storytelling Bus Tour

Irish Storytelling Bus Tour

Ireland is probably best known for its folklore. The Irish culture is extremely rich and told vibrantly through colourful stories of giants, kings, fairies, Vikings, and leprechauns. Such ballads and stories go back for centuries, and are still told to one and all as they were then, and one of the best ways to experience such tradition is to take the Traditional Irish Storytelling Bus Tour.

This tour takes you through Ireland’s unique history, telling stories of romance, quests and magical spells while driving in a thatched-double-decker-bus. The bus is built to look like a homey, Irish cottage, with a bar at the bottom, and a faux-fireplace at the top. You’ll take this vessel along the northern parts of Dublin, departing from city centre, and making your way to Howth Head, St Anees Park in Clontarf, and finishing at The Church Bar. You’ll learn about the Vikings, Irish mermen, the Tuatha De Danaan, Leprechauns, Fairies, the High Kings, Molly Malone, and the messers Jack O’Mahoney and Fionn MacCumahail.

For an unforgettable night of tales, good company, and drinks (which, as any good Irishmen would have it, is provided on the bus), I highly recommend booking a tour for your next trip into this fair city. The staff were gas, the history enlightening, and the tour itself is a cheap and easy way to learn a little bit more of what makes Ireland so magical.

For more information about the itinerary and bookings, click here.

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