The Canadian Way: Why Canada is So, Damn Glorious

The Canadian Way: Why Canada is So, Damn Glorious

I absolutely love my country, and have massive Canadian pride coming out of my ying-yang, but we often get associated with so many ridiculous stereotypes and baffling assumptions that people seem to forget what it is that makes us so, damn awesome.

Now that I’m coming home, I’m really excited to revisit all of these places I love, to get back to my roots and to all of the Canadian attributes that you really can’t help but miss.

But, more importantly, I’m excited to remind all of YOU why Canada is the only place to be.

We’ve been voted as having the best reputation in the world for three years running. We have a sexy Prime Minister who not only has inclusive Canadian values, but who poses no threat in launching hundreds of nuclear missiles just for kicks. And what’s more, as Canadians, we know how to appreciate the finest things in life and never take a moment for granted.

We have 10 million square kilometers of natural, God-given beauty that you have to see for yourself to believe. We’ve great lakes and rivers, high mountains and glaciers, and chances are, you’ll be able to surf and ski outside in the same day. It’s so beautiful, that any major Hollywood production looking for great scenic shots are always looking to the North to help them out. We also have sexy cities nestled into these magnificent backdrops; there’s Halifax, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Toronto (which was even ranked the fourth most attractive city in the entire world). Canada – we gorgeous.

Our savoury poutine cannot be beat, neither can our maple syrup, smarties, back bacon, ketchup chips, garlic fingers, Cows ice cream, Kraft dinner, Nanaimo bars, or our Beaver Tails (seriously, who doesn’t love beaver tails!?). We live and breathe hockey, and we do it better than any other nation; we’ve given everyone the same right to marry since 2005; we have one of the most beautiful national anthems this world over; and we have the best beer and bud in all of North America.

Our milk comes in bags, we have public health care, maple syrup on reserve, incredible social mobility and mad love for all different kinds of people – wherever they come from. We grew up with Mr. Dressup, Coach’s Corner and parties at the camp. We’re the home of the beaver, polar bears and, yes, our Mounties are even known to ride on a moose from time to time. We wear toques, bunny hugs, plaid jackets and snowshoes to school, because we wouldn’t get there otherwise. We’ll kiss the cod, kill a box of timbits, then wash it down with a 2-4. We build canoes, Inukshuks, igloos, and a Tim Horton’s every 10km, because, for us, winter is always coming, and we do what we gotta do to get by.

We’re also a very kind and generous people. We gave the world Seth Rogan, Rachel McAdams and the Ryans: Gosling and Reynolds; Jim Carrey, Mike Myers and the McKenzies: Bob and Doug; Wayne Gretzky, Sydney Crosby and even the big man himself: Santa Claus. We gave you Degrassi, MacGyver, Anne of Green Gables and Trailer Park Boys; the light bulb, walkie talkies, snowmobiles and the telephone; Coffee Crisp, peanut butter, and the bloody caesar; and you have us to thank for Superman, basketball, iMax, and yes, even the sensational wonderbra. You are welcome.

And let’s not forget: we do music, and we do it damn well! Many assume anything created on this side of the pond came from the United States. But this simply isn’t true, and anyone who thinks otherwise can take off before we come into your kitchen and slam your cupboards! It’s Canada you have to thank for a lot of awesome artists such as Rush, Neil Young, Shania Twain, the Tragically Hip, Alessia Cara, Magic!, The Weeknd, Billy Talent, Arkells, the Guess Who, Simple Plan, The Trews, Hey Rosetta!, City and Colour, Hedley, Nelly Furtado, Gordon Lightfoot, Alexisonfire, Deadmau5, Bryan Adams, Alanis Morissette, Classified, Drake, Our Lady Peace, and many, many, more.

So in honour of our many contributions to the music industry (not to mention the WORLD), here is a list of great Canadian music for your enjoyment. Below is the only playlist you could possibly need to celebrate Canada Day this year, and every year to come. This list features an abundance of Canadian pride, with incredible songs depicting why our country is so great, created by proud Canadian artists who have experienced this country’s wonder first hand. Written for Canada, by Canada, each one of these songs captures the true essence of our land and our people – it is the most epic soundtrack known to all hosers: alive, dead or otherwise.

Canada is marvelous – nay – Canada is mondo-fabulous! We’re super cool (literally) and politely, respectfully (sorry!) living life to the fullest in the Great White North. So, when you listen to this playlist, I hope your soul fills with so much love and pride for the world’s second largest country (because we all know it’s the size that matters, not what you do with it), that you thank your lucky Northern lights that you live in such a majestically awe-inspiring place like Canada.

God, keep our land glorious and free!

Proud to be Canadian from bandinthesky on 8tracks Radio.

1. Molson Canadian – I Am Canadian

2. Classified – Oh Canada

3. Great Big Sea – Run Runaway

4. Dean Brody – Canadian Girls

5. Tim Hicks – Stronger Beer 

6. The Tragically Hip – Fireworks

7. Stompin’ Tom Connors – Good Old Hockey Game

8. The Fables – Heave Away

9. B-Rich – Out for a Rip

10. Classified – The Maritimes

11. Alessia Cara – Wild Things

12. Justin Bieber – Sorry

13. Neil Young and Randy Backman – Prairie Town

14. Rah Rah – Prairie Girl

15. Joel Plaskett – Can I Go Nowhere with You

16. Bubbles – Liquor and Whores

17. Spirit of the West – Home For a Rest

18. The Rankin Family – Mull River Shuffle

19. Paul Brandt – Alberta Bound

20. Mike Plume Band – Coming Home Again

21. Sam Roberts – An American Draft Dodger in Thunder Bay

22. Matt Mays and the El Torpedos – Northern Belle

23. Gunnarolla and Julia Bentley – Canadian, Please

24. Great Big Sea – The Night Pat Murphy Died

25. Terri Clark – Northern Girl

26. The Real McKenzies – Barrett’s Privateers

27. Michael Mitchell – Maple Sugar Time

28. Mike Plume Band – More Than A Game

29. Gary Lee and the Showdown – The Rodeo Song

30. Dead Brody Feat. Great Big Sea – It’s Friday

31. Rush – Lakeside Park

32. The Tragically Hip – Bobcaygeon

33. Joel Plaskett Emergency – True Patriot Love

34. Feist – Mushaboom

35. Great Big Sea – Rant and Roar

36. Barenaked Ladies – The Old Apartment

37. Sloan – The Rest of My Life

38. Arrogant Worms – Canada’s Really Big

39. Bob and Doug McKenzie – Take Off

40. City & Colour – Comin’ Home


May you always reign as the true north: strong and free.


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