18 Awful Aspects About Job Hunting

18 Awful Aspects About Job Hunting

All four years of my university career, I’ve been looking for the light at the end of the tunnel: “this won’t last forever. Just wait until you have a real job.” Now, after months of sifting through indeed postings, interview tips, and what not to put on a resume, I want a do over. I never realized how great I had it, just being a student.

Looking for a job is exasperating; looking for the right job is even more so. A lot goes into this grueling process, especially for a recent graduate with no real-life work experience, who has spent the last few years worrying about finals, papers and beer pong tournaments. What’s more, you want your four years to actually count for something, and did not spend all this precious time stressing, studying and shooting trick shots just to utter the phrase “do you want fries with that?” Job hunting is rough, it is ugly, and it has a special way of making you feel like the only thing your Bachelor’s Degree qualifies you for is a more critical assessment of the endless Netflix that you’re watching in your parent’s basement.

So for all of you riding this same wave of job insecurity, rejection and “why do bad things happen to good people,” this one’s for you: here are 18 awful aspects about job hunting.

1. Creating a resume that makes you sound impressive.


2. Having friends and family trying to help, but who just give you contradictory advice.


3. Every conversation with a stranger turning into a networking ploy.


4. Asking all of your old contacts for help.


5. Having every other college graduate vying for the same job you are.


6. Spending hours looking online at jobs you know you won’t get anyway.


7. Completing a personality test, aptitude test, drug test, HIV test and screen test when applying for a job.


8. Supplying a thousand references plus a million years of experience to even be considered for an interview.


9. Employers who set up interviews, but then go radio silent.


10. Finally finding the most perfect job only to be told you’re not qualified.

11 11.1

11. When you do end up landing an interview, you end up babbling like an idiot.


12. Having your interviewer ask how much you expect your salary to be.


13. Having to try and explain the gap year you took.


14. Waiting to hear back from the hundreds of companies you’ve contacted.


15. Being rejected and never knowing why.


16. Having people rub salt in the wound when they ask you what’s next.





17. Sinking into a deep hole of depression knowing you have to start this godforsaken process all over again.


18. Thinking it might be easier to just go back to school.


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