A House in the Sky

A House in the Sky

by Amanda Lindhout and Sara Corbett

A House in the Sky is a memoir by young, Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout, Houseintheskyaddressing every traveler’s biggest fear: being abducted while seeing the world.

The first few chapters of the book describe Lindhout’s home life and how she fell intoxicatingly in love with traveling. It follows her amazing adventures through Latin America, Laos, Bangladesh, India, Sudan, Syria, and Pakistanbefore she decides to pursue her journalistic aspirations reporting on warzones in Afghanistan and Iraq. It wasn’t until she traveled to Somalia in August 2008 that she was abducted by a group of masked men.

Held hostage for 460 days, these accounts of her days as a prisoner will stay fixed within any traveler. This book is an important read and completely blew me away, especially for travelers who have this mindset of “that would never happen to me.” When traveling, we often get so caught up in embracing others, divulging in new cultures and setting the world on fire, that we sometimes forget how important it is to be alert and travel safely. Regardless of whether you’re entering a warzone or the friendly streets of Paris, one should always think rationally about the safest ways to travel – especially when alone.

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