15 Souvenirs to Bring Home from Canada

15 Souvenirs to Bring Home from Canada

I absolutely love gift giving and, to brag myself up completely, I’m extremely good at it. I love giving gifts that people don’t just want, they need, and what’s better? They had no idea they needed it until I gave it to them.

When I first moved to Ireland, I brought a box full of Canadian gifts with me to give to my family, which was easy enough to manage since I was able to clear out the emblematic leftovers still stocked from Canada Day. Since then, I’ve always strived to make sure that, whatever gifts I send home to my Irish family, they capture the essence and uniqueness that is Canada.

So for any of you who are travelling to Canada and have no idea what to bring home, or for any Canadians travelling to other countries and have no idea how to represent our fine nation, compiled below is a list of authentic souvenirs and gifts that are 100% Canadian – not to mention, huge crowd pleasers.

1. Canada 150 Gear

Canada is turning 150 this July 1, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with some Canada 150 swag. From hoodies and t-shirts to coolers and cups, there’s a ton of merchandise available to help capture the celebrations, so be sure you’re prepared for this historic occasion!

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2. Maple Syrup/Maple Butter/Maple Cookies/Maple Sugar Candy

Maple ANYTHING is the epitome of Canadian culture; it’s what we’re known for and it’s at the top of every souvenir list when people pay a visit to our glorious country. It should be at the top of yours, too.

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3. Insta-Snow

We’re not called The Great White North for nothing. Bring back some of your very own snow and prolong the Canadian experience.

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4. Molson Canadian and Crown Royal

Two things Canadians know how to do: whisky and beer. Stronger and better than those of our southern neighbours, you can pick up either at any liquor store in the country. (And if you want to be super patriotic, grab the new Crown Royal Maple.)

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5. Cows T-Shirts

Too many puns, so little time ! Cow’s Ice Cream is a famous summer treat for all Maritimers and their hilarious clothing even more so. A great representation of the east coast, you’ll only be able to purchase these originals within our borders.

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6. Canadian food

Our best-kept secrets are really too delicious not to share. Pick up some authentically Canadian snacks including Lays Ketchup Chips, Smarties, Nanaimo Bars, Kraft Dinner, Clodhoppers, Coffee Crisp, Crispy Crunch, Purdys Chocolates, St. Albert’s Cheese Curds, Beaver Tails, Cream Soda, Maritime lobster, Jos Louis and Laura Secord Chocolates.


7. Anne of Green Gables

Possibly the most famous Canadian book series of all time, there’s not a hoser alive who doesn’t know the name Anne of Green Gables. It’s recently been re-vamped for Netflix under the title “Anne with an E” so you can enjoy her tales in ink or on screen – either way, she’ll surely capture your heart.

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8. Bob and Doug McKenzie / Trailer Park Boys Memorabilia 

Two of the most Canadian shows in existence, both Bob and Doug and the Trailer Park Boys are true Canadian ambassadors, so if you see any of these faces on a piece of merchandise, be sure to pick some up and put two turnips in heat!

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9. Hockey Jersey

Hockey is OUR game. We breed the best players and have perfected the the game. If you’re planning on making it to an NHL game during your visit (and we definitely think you should!), it’s only fitting you support the home team and deck yourself out in a holy-hockey jersey.

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10. Stuffed Moose or Beaver

Our two Canadian friends, the Moose and the Beaver.. Both are awkwardly majestic animals and – especially when dressed in Canadian Mountie attire – make the perfect gift for family and friends abroad.

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11. Roots, Lululemon and East Coast Lifestyle clothing

Lulu to the west, ECL to the east, and Roots falling somewhere in between, these clothing brands are extremely popular in our beloved country and are ones you’ll only be able to authenticate right here, so stop in today and see what’s up.

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12. Tim Hortons

No other country consumes more donuts than Canada, so w made the most perfect coffee to match. We are extremely proud of our Timmies, so do as the Canadians do and pick up your own mug, blend or decorative ornaments when you stop by for some timbits.

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13. Toonies and Loonies

Even when dealing in euros, I would still call the one and two piece coins “loonie and toonie.” If you have a few left over from your trip, bring back the real deal and impart some Canadian wisdom among your friends.


14. Inukshuks

Getting back to Canadian heritage, a sculpted inukshuk gives your gift the essence of culture. An Inuit custom, these man-made stone monuments have been built all over the country, standing proud in front of many glorious backdrops particularly in the northern territories. For those of us who watch our Heritage Minutes, we know that these Inukshuks let the people know that we were here, so what better way to let the people know that you were here, too.

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15. Canadian Flag Pins

Our buddies south of our icy nation want to be us so badly, they often wear these pins and claim to be Canadian when they travel. I mean, who can honestly blame them? We have been voted as having the best reputation in the world for three years running. So if you want to get in on the action, and ensure you’re treated like royalty when you travel abroad, pop on a pin and see the difference it can make. Being Canadian is pretty, freakin’ awesome, guy.

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