The Bold Coastline, Cutler, Maine

The Bold Coastline, Cutler, Maine

A local article written about the Bold Coast was the inspiration of our spur-of-the-moment trip to Cutler.

Really, it was only three hours away.

The hike we took was through the Cutler Coast Public Reserve. In its entirety, it’s a 12,000 acre preserve of bogs, softwood forests and magnificent views. There are two ways to hike this land: along the coastline, looping back around from start to finish in 15km; or through its smaller, sister loop.

We went for the latter.

The Bold Coast is the section of coastline right at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy. You could throw a rock at Grand Manan, it’s so close (and assuming you’re Thor).

11.4km, 16,500 steps and 3 hours and 53 minutes; we had definitely made the most of it.

To write that is an understatement – it was incredible.

Making incredible time, having left early in the morning and crossing the border towards home in the late afternoon, we had time to make a pit stop in St. Andrews and see some highlights. The entire trip took us 12 hours.

Take one day. One day to try and do something wondrous; that’s really all it takes.

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