Avoca Handweavers

Avoca Handweavers

If I could pack up this shop and bring it home with me in a very Poppins-esque manner, I would.

And was I ever tempted to try.

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If you’re looking to bring home some truly Irish souvenirs, stop in at Avoca. As a family-run Irish business and one of the world’s oldest surviving manufacturing companies, Avoca is famous for their fine throws and blankets, retail, as well as delicious, scrum-diddli-umptous food. Now run by four siblings and their parents, it all truly began as a modest handweaving mill that was established in Avoca village, Wicklow in 1723.

At this time, the biggest copper mill in Europe was located in Avoca, and the mill on the banks of River Avoca was used to take care of the families and workers. The mill was used for grinding corn and bread, and spinning and weaving wool. When three sister’s, the Wynnes, inherited the mill in the early 1920s, they introduced colour, always winding different coloured yarn into their throws.

What’s great about Avoca is the life that it breathes into its products, even back then. Their goal is to shy away from the average and ordinary, and instead look for colour, life, and happiness in the unusual. This has become Avoca’s trademark, and do they ever deliver on their mission.

It is still my great desire to own a beautiful Avoca tea set, one I am determined to make a reality. With their beautifully painted and corky designs, these tea sets are a work of art – besides, nothing says Ireland like a cup of tea.


Even if you’re not looking to shop, do stop in anyway. The atmosphere is absolutely wonderful, allowing you to see a more flamboyant side of Irish culture, not to mention their café is exquisite. I’ve no doubt stopped in every county that yielded an Avoca shop for their food alone – unbelievably yummy! Have a treat, browse around, and see all the wonders you can uncover in one of Avoca’s many quaint, Irish boutiques.

To learn more about Avoca and their many products, click here.

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