18 Withdrawals Ireland-lovers Will Suffer From

18 Withdrawals Ireland-lovers Will Suffer From

I’ve officially been home in Canada for six whole months. SIX. I love my country, I truly do, but my heart still aches for Ireland. When I close my eyes, I’m still walking along the river Liffey having a bit of craic and soaking up all things Irish. I can’t believe I’ve been home almost as long as I’ve lived in Ireland.

I am, without a doubt, still in denial.

Luckily, as a collection of souvenirs, I have brought back quite a few habits from the Emerald Isle. These habits seem to have intensified since my return, as if playing them up somehow keeps me there. My Irish quirks and customs will prosper as I settle back into my new life – like a Dublin addict suffering from withdrawls.

So, as I try my damnedest to convince myself I never left, here is a list of some of Ireland’s most wonderful aspects and the hits you yourself may be craving to take once you leave.

1. Listening to Irish radio – Dermot and Dave are even more hilarious at
8:00 a.m. AST*


2. Leaving your “current location” as Ireland, confusing everyone in your cyberlife.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 10.48.52 AM

3. Drinking Guinness (even though it doesn’t taste the same).


4. Forgetting that going straight to the pub on a Monday isn’t acceptable anymore.


5. Using Irish terms and trying to remember that “feck” should no longer be used as a comma.


6. Quoting Father Ted or Mrs. Browns Boys and having no one understand.


7. Tea, Tea, TEA !


8. Eating your Irish feelings – I just want my sambos to have crisps and my lasagna to have chips.


9. Forgetting how to cook without an Aga.


10. Forgetting how to get in on the left side of the car.


11. Realizing how uninventive the rest of the world has been with their placenames.


12. Going into a deep depression knowing you have to face the snow again.

12 copy

13. Cringing when people use “Patty’s Day” instead of “Paddy’s Day.”


14. Watching the telly and noticing just how wrong Hollywood does Irish accents.*


15. Saying you’ll stop in at Lidl or Penneys ONLY TO REMEMBER NO SUCH PLACES EXIST HERE.


16. Shuffling your dogs across the road to simulate a sheep roadblock.

16 copy

17. Not being able to drive across the country in three hours.


18. Instinctively using “we” when talking about anything Irish.The Stages of Withdrawls from Ireland

*Note: to catch the Dermot and Dave show, click the picture on number one. To hear what real Irish accents sound like, click the picture on number 14. 

To bring some of Ireland with you, wherever you go, click here

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