11 reasons cousins make the best friends

11 reasons cousins make the best friends

“I never met my cousins.”

To hear this statement baffles me. To think there are people in this world who have no idea what it means to have a relationship with their cousin breaks my heart. I know I would be completely lost if I didn’t have mine to grow up with. There really is something to be said about this special bond.

And so, because no one else could possibly understand your crazy family and the strength it takes to survive from within, here are 11 reasons a cousinship is the best friendship in the world:

1. They’re great teachers.


Whether it’s how to dance like Britney Spears, sneak out of the house or fire up the four wheeler, the invaluable life skills you learn from your cousins are numerous.

2. You experienced the same childhood.



You all had the exact same haircut at one point or another and wore each other’s hand-me-downs. You know what it means to double up in the car, how to talk over one another so you’ll get heard and how to convince your druncles for a sip of their beer.

3. They keep it real.


There’s never any bullshit. When your cousin tells you their opinion, you can be sure they’re giving it to you straight. They will surely give you the cold, hard dose of reality that you need because they know you’ll still love them anyway.

4. You can always be yourself.


You never have to worry about feeling awkward or crazy – your cousins already know you’re nuts. They accept you for who you are because you’ve always been in it together.

5. They will never judge you.


Just polished off an entire pie at thanksgiving dinner? Didn’t put on makeup? Forgot to pack your kids’ clothes for vacation? Yeah, family will definitely slag you for it, but they will never, ever judge you (especially because they know you have just as much dirt on them).

6. Family gatherings are just that much better.


Who can ever complain about going to a family event when you have awesome cousins to keep things interesting? You get to catch up, bask in your family’s dysfunctionality and get thrown back to a much simpler time.

7. They give you space.


Cousins are like summer home siblings: they’re there when you need them. You’re close enough that you can love and appreciate them for all they’re worth, but distant enough so they won’t completely drive you bonkers.

8. Age never mattered.


The oldest cousin would babysit the youngest and the rest hung out with the same crew in high school. No matter what, you can always find common ground knowing you’ve sprung from the same roots.

9. They look out for you.


I had always wanted a big brother, but it wasn’t until I started dating that I realized I had eight of them. Cousins will always have your back and are loyal to the end. No one could ever mess with you (except them).

10. They give you the strength to keep going.


Cousins go through all the major things with you, celebrating the same highs and mourning the same lows. Having them there by your side will always make you feel like you can conquer anything.

“Our family is a circle of strength. Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger.”

11. No matter what, they will always be there.


Cousins were there since the very beginning and are the first real friends we have. Others may come and go, but family is forever. No matter how long it’s been, or how different your lives have become, cousins are always there to love and support you. Blood is thick, and the ties that bind you are solid – never forget it.

To all of my cousins, thank you for allowing me to be myself and for loving me – quirks, insanity and all! I could never survive this life without you.


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