Top 12 Things to Do in Atlantic Canada

Top 12 Things to Do in Atlantic Canada

When people think of Atlantic Canada, there are many stereotypes that spring to their minds: lazy, drunk rednecks, underdeveloped cities, and people who only work for half of the year then go on the dole for the rest of it. But we know we are much more than that, offering numerous contributions to our country’s thriving existence; without us, the rest of Canada wouldn’t be able to enjoy the best lobster, mineral, oil, fir trees, and maple syrup resources that they do today. Not to mention that cold bottle of Keith’s everyone loves to sip back after a long, hard day’s work.

Atlantic Canada is a vision and a staple of Canadian pride. From our picturesque landscapes, compelling history, colourful locals, and our wild Atlantic ways, a trip to our four provinces is bound to be an unforgettable experience. With so much to offer, it can be difficult to decide which attractions should be included in your ever-growing list of things to do. And so, solving all Atlantic Canadian travel problems, here is a list of the Top 12 things to do in Atlantic Canada:


Gros Morne National Park

As the second largest national park in Atlantic Canada, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gros Morne National Park is known for its stunning scenery and complex geology. The Park features an outlying range of Appalachian Mountains, forests, rocky harbours, sandy beaches and fresh water fjords with varying wildlife from lynx and moose to caribou and black bears. It stretches over 1,805 square kilometers of Western Newfoundland, and is ideal for hiking, camping, biking and boating.

Signal Hill

For anyone willing to take a walk on the historic side, Signal Hill will transport you back to 1901 when communications history was made as it received the first transatlantic wireless signal. The Visitor Center will guide you through the story of Signal Hill, while also offering 5 kilometer-long hiking trails, giving you a spectacular view of St. John’s, Newfoundland.

George Street

When you’re looking to unwind after a day of sightseeing, head down to George Street in St. John’s where you’ll be greeted by an abundance of good times, great people, and nights you’ll never be able to remember. George Street is known for having the most bars and pubs per square foot on any street in North America, so if you’re looking for fun, adventure, or a cod to kiss, this is the street for you.

Nova Scotia

Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail is a driving route measuring nearly 300 kilometers in length, completing a loop around the northern tip of Cape Breton Island, following the western and eastern coastlines, and passing along through the Cape Breton Highlands. Along the way, you can hike along the Skyline trail, go fly fishing in Maragree, or stop in at various locations for whale watching, canoeing, horseback riding, bird watching and much more.

Peggys Cove

Located on the eastern shore of St. Margarets Bay, Peggys Cove is a picturesque rural community known for the Peggys Point Lighthouse. The natural beauty of Peggys cove can be explored through hiking, kayaking and the like, and also offers many restaurants to give you a taste of maritime seafood, various shopping and art featuring Canadian artists and craftspeople.

Alexander Keith’s Brewery

You know the name, but do you know the story behind the man himself? Pop in for a visit at Alexander Keith’s brewery, and discover the history behind the bottle and the brew from within, through a spectacle of period costumes and characters that really give you an authentic experience to one of the oldest breweries in Canada.

New Brunswick

Bay of Fundy

Known for having the highest tidal range in the world, there are a variety of things to do along Fundy Bay, including golfing, wine-tasting, scuba diving and more. The most famous attractions along the bay include Cape Enrage and Hopewell Rocks, both of which serve as astonishing examples of New Brunswick’s natural beauty.

Kings Landing Historical Settlement

If you ever wanted to travel back in time for your vacation, Kings Landing is your best alternative until the time machine takes off. You can see (and try) for yourself what it’s like to make your own butter and spin your own wool, while paying a visit to the local farm and characters living within the community. As an outdoor living history museum, the lives of New Brunswickers in the 1800s are recreated, instilling within its visitors a great sense of culture and heritage.

Casino NB

Whether you’re looking for a day of relaxation at the hotel and spa, an evening of fine dining, putting your money where your mouth is, or a night of unforgettable shows and entertainment, Casino NB has an unlimited resource of things to do.

Prince Edward Island

Cows Creamery

You can’t possibly plan a trip to Atlantic Canada without stopping in for a bit of Cows ice cream.  Voted as Canada’s best ice cream, you can take a tour of the Cows Creamery in Charlottetown and see how this delicious delicacy is made, or you can stop in at one of the numerous chains across the province and take your pick from the 32 greatest varieties you’ll ever try. And, what’s more, you can even take home a cows original t-shit featuring funny play on words like “Cookie Moonster,” “Dairy Potter,” and “Trailer Park Cows.”

Shining Waters Family Fun Park

If you’re looking for fun for the whole family, cool off at Shining Waters, which offers over 40 wet and dry attractions including a waterpark, playground, live shows, pirate ship fun house, witch’s cave, rockin’ rocketship and more! Your day is sure to be jam packed with all the mischief and mayhem you’ll get into with the entire family.

Cavendish Beach Music Festival

You’re guaranteed a hell-raisin’-good time at the largest, multi-day outdoor country music festival in Atlantic Canada. Running from July 8th – 10th, this year’s lineup includes award-winning artists such as The Band Perry, Blake Shelton and Kenny Chesney. With more than 70,000 visitors annually, the Cavendish Beach Music Festival has been named one of the top 10 Best Festivals in Canada, and shouldn’t be missed when you’re planning your Atlantic Canadian getaway.

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  1. I loved the time I spent in Atlantic Canada, it’s such a beautiful part of the country. I would definitely love to go back and do more exploring.

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