#HearUsRoar: Are You Woman Enough for the Challenge?

#HearUsRoar: Are You Woman Enough for the Challenge?

Are you ready to be a part of an international challenge that celebrates women?

March 8th is International Women’s Day and The Here and Wow has decided to take part in an active way.

We want to know what being a woman means to you. How does it make you feel? What has it taught you? What makes you excited and proud to be a woman?

The initiative is simple: By using the hashtag #HearUsRoar, The Here and Wow is calling on women everywhere to upload a photo or video of themselves on social media showing how they celebrate their womanhood. Share this post and nominate friends, so we can bombard the internet with images of strong, proud women enthusiastically celebrating our gender all over the world. 

Men, we ask you to also upload a photo or video showing how you choose to celebrate the women around you. We ask you to speak out, spread the love and help us to honour women everywhere.

Your post can be anything you want it to be! The goal is to make a ruckus. Whether it’s uploading a photo travelling with friends, standing up for women’s rights or overcoming a personal obstacle, the challenge is to show the world the amazing things women are capable of. To show our united strength in the face of adversity and to encourage women everywhere to be who they are – without apologies.

Gender is a system of social relations, its meaning emerging in social contexts as it is recreated through our actions. What it means to be a woman involves different forms of awareness in our shared experiences, creating the dialogue used to define us.

We are defined as women, by who we are as women.

So, why not show the world what we’re made of and do something epic?

For centuries, women have been dominated and told we “can’t” more often than we “can.” We’ve been told to be successful, but not too successful; look pretty, but not too pretty; never settle, but don’t be too picky.We’ve been told to apologize for our strengths, have been denied the right to our own bodies, told we’re unworthy of respect and have even been held accountable when we become victims of rape or violence.

But through it all, we still come back to kick ass at every turn.

Women have propelled the civil rights movement; we stood tall against gender discrimination; we helped open new educational possibilities; we continuously sacrifice our bodies and our minds to bring forth new life; and we’re constantly overcoming social limitations in the fight for equality. Women have endless greatness exuding from our souls. Women not only fight to have it all, but believe there is nothing we can’t do even when told otherwise.

Women are warriors: bold and fearless.

We have come a long way, but we can take it further, and that’s what this initiative strives to achieve: celebrating what it means to be a woman on our terms.

As women, our only obligations lie in building ourselves up, breaking through the barriers left standing, empowering the next generation, while celebrating and supporting each other’s journeys. To cheer each other on to reach our greatest potentials and to enjoy and embrace the sisterhood together. To let go of the standards we’ve been measuring ourselves against, to rise from the ashes when someone tries to snuff us out and to exude the greatness that our unstoppable foremothers bestowed upon us.

Join us in this challenge and help celebrate our fierce gender by posting your own video or photo and help inspire women all over the world to be who they are. Let’s break down some more barriers – because if not now, when?

We are women, #HearUsRoar.

Leave how you’re taking part in the challenge in the comments below!


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