Supply and Command: Trailer Park Boys in Bulk

Supply and Command: Trailer Park Boys in Bulk

When I first came to Ireland, I assumed people would associate me with the essentials of Canadian stereotypes, throwing blanketed facts of igloos, hockey and maple syrup my way. But every time I told someone I came from the Great White North, their thoughts unexpectedly sprang to three vital Canadian treasures: The Trailer Park Boys.

Starring Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay, and Mike Smith, Trailer Park Boys is a mockumentary sitcom based in Nova Scotia, Canada, that focuses on the criminal misadventures of Bubbles, Ricky, Julian and their mostly-drunk-and-high friends at the Sunnyvale Trailer Park. With Lahey and Randy stirring up shitstorms at every turn, the trailer park life often gets turned upside down with greasy misdemeanours, radical vulgarity and hilarious shenanigans.

This Showcase series has become incredibly successful over the last decade and a half running for seven seasons and ending in 2008, with Netflix picking it up in 2014 airing seasons eight through eleven, as well as three new specials, exclusively on their service. Season 10 was recently released on March 28, 2016, with episodes featuring Snoop Dogg, Tom Arnold and Doug Benson, though all 10 seasons can be viewed on Netflix, offering a proper binge-watching experience.

Possibly the best-known Canadian television series in the world, Trailer Park Boys has reached international heights with people from all over tuning in to watch the boys raise some hell in Sunnyvale.

What became abundantly clear in my first few months on the island is that some of the show’s most enthusiastic fans come from Ireland. The Irish always say the one thing they do best is black comedy, which may explain why they have such a deep appreciation for the Canadian mockumentary. It also seems this appreciation is mutual as the boys’ Community Service Variety Show tour led to the release of Trailer Park Boys Live in F***in’ Dublin, which was shot at the Olympia Theatre. There’s now even a video circulating the interweb of the Irish watching Trailer Park Boys for the first time, which you can see for yourself by clicking here.

While it’s fun to watch a show full of drugs, sex and alcohol, what makes Trailer Park Boys so relatable is the character development and its sympathetic-feel, having everyone rooting for the boys’ criminal schemes to succeed. In an interview with Toronto Star in 2014, Wells said the reason the sitcom has managed to transcend borders is because of the humour and its characters, stating “when you strip all the guns and drugs and everything away it comes down to love and family, and I think you can relate to that wherever you live in the world.”

Needless to say, the boys have made it clear on numerous occasions that, as long as fans want more, they’ll do more.

This show is wildly exaggerated, without a doubt, but the boys do well offering a glimpse into real Canadian living. So if you’re looking to get your East Coast on, you’ll definitely hit the “jackpop” here watching the Trailer Park Boys on Netflix, or by catching Bubbles, Ricky and Julian live on your next visit (click here for tour dates.)

And if that still isn’t enough, check out Swearnet here for the world’s first uncensored online network with behind-the-scenes footage of the show as well as a few original series including Drunk and on Drugs Happy Fun Time Hour, Drunk as Fuck, Guitar time with Bubbles and Fried on the Ferry

Trailer Park Boys really is something you need to see to believe. “Make my words,” however you experience the Sunnyvale way, you won’t regret it.

Check out this scene from Trailer Park Boys Season 10 to help get you started.

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