What It Feels Like to Graduate University

What It Feels Like to Graduate University

It’s that time of year again: Time for hard-working students near and far to celebrate their laborious hours of polishing off unfinished essays, cramming for final exams and feverishly taking notes during lecture halls.

It’s the day you get your university degree.

While graduation marks the end of your four years of higher learning, it also marks the beginning of your new life. And as you set off toward endless roads of wondrous possibility, it’s hard not to get caught on a rollercoaster of emotion as you look back on your student life and the ups and downs that brought you here to this very moment.

You’ve worked incredibly hard, mastering whatever university decided to throw your way.


The weight of exams, essays and final projects have finally lifted off your shoulders … forever.


You can’t believe you made it this far. You actually did it! You’re going to graduate !!


You’re so excited to celebrate with friends and family, and having them cheer you on as you get your diploma.


You feel like there’s nothing you can’t achieve. You are a BADASS!


And then it hits you: what are you going to do next?


Will you go to grad school? Travel the world? Get a real job? Move back in with your parents? WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE!?


You realize you’re an adult now, one who has to start making grown-up decisions.


And after four years of calling this place home, you must now leave it in your rearview.


Everyone will start to go their separate ways and forge their own paths.


And, what’s more, you now have to face the tens of thousands of dollars you’ve accumulated in student debt.


You’re reminded that university really was the best time of your life … how can anything possibly top it? How could it end?


You reminisce on the friendships you’ve made and the memories you created together.


Thinking back on the homecoming games, last clash bashes and frat parties you’ve stumbled into along the way.


Debating in class, hanging on the quad and enjoying the simple bliss of student living with some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet.


You cry tears of joy and sadness knowing it’s all behind you now.


But deep down, you know you’ll take all of this with you as you start your next journey. Your friends will always be there, your memories will always be cherished, and this place will forever be a part of you, wherever you go.


You look to the future and celebrate your last hurrah with everything you have !!


You’re able to walk across that stage with your head held high knowing you not only survived these past four years – you lived them to the fullest.


Because, no matter what comes next or what life has in store for you, you just know that everything is going to be AWESOME – there is nothing you can’t conquer!



Gina Alward
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