The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything

by Neil Pasricha

Do you feel lost, confused or unsatisfied? Like you’ll never be able to reach your goals or, worse, unconvinced you’ll find everything you hoped for once you do?

In this book, Pasricha puts together a collection of easy-to-read chapters that hold the tools for unlocking the nine stages of a happy life. His book is filled with stories, facts, diagrams and the like each offering compelling insights into what we think will make us happy, the habits of truly happy individuals and how we can completely change our way of thinking by making a few tweaks to our daily routine.


The Happiness Equation will teach you such principles as:
· Why success doesn’t lead to happiness
· How to make more money than a Harvard MBA
· Why multitasking is a myth
· How eliminating options leads to more choice

For me, this book was truly motivational as it helped re-align my compass to follow my true passions and gave me the inspiration to make my dreams a reality. It helped quiet the doubtful thoughts I have during my pursuit and gave me a new grasp on understanding what it means to be truly happy. For anyone who needs a push in the right direction, who is trying to figure out what to make of their life or is sitting on the cusp of a big change, the Happiness Equation is an absolute Godsend and will surely help you find your way.

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