The Beat to Free Your Soul: City and Colour in Moncton

The Beat to Free Your Soul: City and Colour in Moncton

Have you ever had a song move you in a profound way?

Have you ever heard the powerful strum of the guitar or the instinctual beat of the drum and feel a pulsating rhythm respond deep inside your chest?

You feel the lyrics cut through you with every spoken word, relating to the soul of who you really are and, with each pounding note, you feel something rise within you – a being, a purpose, a flutter of wild emotions so pure and honest, it makes you want to cry.

You feel alive !

That’s exactly what City and Colour made me feel when I heard “Woman” for the first time.

So when given the chance to celebrate my 24th birthday at their Moncton concert, I jumped at the opportunity.

And it was incredible.

With their opening act Basia Bulat blissfully setting the stage, and us standing front row to revel in the wonder, City and Colour moved me, as they always did, from fifteen feet away.

Each song complimented one another with a mix of the old and the new, and their encore set seemed so improvised and spur-of-the-moment it added one very important element to the night’s event:


In a sea of people with cell phones and cameras in hand trying to capture the moment they were ironically missing (myself probably the worst offender), it was during the encore that we seemed to stop and collectively stand in awe of what was transpiring on stage.

The song was “Hope for Now,” and in that moment, that’s exactly what we all had.

Because that’s what music truly is.

Music is about sharing everything you are and knowing everyone, in that moment, is feeling exactly what you’re feeling. Knowing that together, you’re experiencing the here and now and communicating in a language we all understand so naturally. It’s what makes your body sway, your heart sing and what makes you feel understood and connected to a world that has become so detached.

It’s what brings us all together.

But you need to let yourself have this experience.

After the concert, I started to think about all of the things I have missed because I was too busy trying to capture the moment through a lens. And though my love for photography and preserving these memories will continue to live on, I realize they’re only worth having if they can truly capture what I feel.

I need to have an experience first before I’m able to capture it.  

I need to take the time to live in the moment, to feel the moment, to let it have it’s impact on me, in whatever way it chooses. Living life through a lens means missing everything that’s happening outside of it, and the only person who’s cheated is you.

Think back to when that song moved you most profoundly. Back to the strum of the guitar, that pulsating rhythm rising deep from within, and the pure emotion fluttering through you that made you want to cry.

Was there a camera in your hand trying to capture that feeling?

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so take one to remember the moment by and be done with it. The next time you’re at a concert, let the music move you. Open yourself up to the change it instills within you, the power it gives to your being and the connectedness that we all crave but so often let pass us by.

Feel the love of the harmony, let the beat free your soul and you will know what it feels like to get truly lost in the music.

Gina Alward
Travel blogger for and member of the Travel Media Association of Canada. Follow her adventures on twitter (@ginaalward), Facebook (The Here and Wow) and Instagram (@thehereandwow).


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