5 Wondrous Travel Groups to Join on Facebook

5 Wondrous Travel Groups to Join on Facebook

You simply love to travel.

You enjoy meeting new people, exploring different cultures and embracing an entire world of wanderlust. It helps you broaden your horizons, opens you to new experiences, while uncovering parts of yourself that you never knew existed.

There’s nothing better than the endless opportunities of travel.

And yet, a passion for this lifestyle is difficult to feed without unlimited funds backing your every flight.

So how can you possibly manage your cravings in the meantime?

5 Wondrous Travel Groups to Join on Facebook

With travel blogs more accessible than ever and millennials ditching their 9 to 5s for hostels and backpacks, there are numerous groups that have cropped up on Facebook these past few years to help fuel your passion.

But how do you know which ones are the right ones? Which groups are the most compelling and which will you get the most out of?

Luckily, The Here and Wow has put them all to the test (and then some) in order to give you a concise list of the most engaged, helpful and positive travel groups on Facebook today.

These Facebook groups are perfect for any serious traveller looking to connect with other like-minded individuals to share their passions, experiences and tips. These are the groups I turn to most when planning my next endeavor, looking for advice from real-life explorers or to simply lengthen my wandering daydreams. I guarantee that each of these sensational groups will fulfill all of your travel needs – even the ones you didn’t know you had.

1. Girls LOVE Travel
Current Members: 102,254


Description: You have now stumbled into a travel social club for women. This isn’t just a Facebook group – this is a sisterhood / a community to assist you with growing your travel-bucket list, finding others to explore the world with, and to help empower you with safety and support when you’re out traveling!

This group is tightly-knit, with women from all over the world posting travel advice, photographs and an infinite amount of ideas that will help on your own adventures. This group is like the big sister of travel and, if you only pick one group to be a part of, this needs to be it.

2. Ultimate Travel Group (UTG)
Current Members: 4, 632


Description: UTG is a community for all travelers and travel bloggers looking to give and share with you the BEST blogging and travel advice, deals, giveaways, opportunities, resources, and tips that they know of — as well as to connect you with like-minded individuals around the world!

Created by travel blogger Aileen Adalid, this group offers the best of the best when it comes to travelling content and giveaways, while also giving you the opportunity to promote your own adventures.

3. NOMADS – a life of cheap/free travel
Current Members: 143, 145


Description: NOMADS is an online community for sharing ideas and information on low-budget/moneyless/low-impact ways to live sustainably on the road. If you have any relevant knowledge/experience you would be willing to share or have any relevant questions to enable you to better live in this way, then welcome home!

This group focuses on travel that won’t hurt your credit card, with an engaging following that is quick to offer guidance in living frugally on the road.

4. Travel Photography Community
Current Members: 12, 874


Description: Travel Photography Community is a group to enjoy and share photos from all over the world, and inspire people to see it for themselves! Share your photos from your travels or your hometown, and inspire wanderlust in countless souls.

More showing than telling, this group is perfect for those with a photographer’s eye looking to get lost in the beauty of the world, letting their photographs tell their stories for them.

5. Travel Blogger Tales
Current Members: 7, 418


Description: A place for travel bloggers around the world to unite and share their stories.

If you enjoy blogging about your travel experiences and are looking to share those experiences with other travellers, Travel Blogger Tales is the best platform to do so! Here you can link to your own articles, while being able to choose from countless offerings of authentic travel experiences to pour over in between flights.

Gina Alward
Travel blogger for thehereandwow.com and member of the Travel Media Association of Canada. Follow her adventures on twitter (@ginaalward), Facebook (The Here and Wow) and Instagram (@thehereandwow).

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  1. Really very helpful list for all travel Groups in Facebook. I like to read travel Group to increase my knowledge about different Groups in all over the world. I like to travel to various places. Thanks for sharing this list. This list will add in my travel group in Facebook list.

    1. I’d be lost without my travel groups ! Any questions I have, any research I do, I reference these kinds of groups often 🙂

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