The Bold Coastline, Cutler, Maine

A local article written about the Bold Coast was the inspiration of our spur-of-the-moment trip to Cutler. Really, it was only three hours away. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="2626,2625,2624,2623,2622,2621,2619"] The hike we took was through the Cutler Coast Public Reserve. In its entirety, it's a 12,000 acre preserve of bogs, softwood forests and…

County Mayo

Snapshots of County Mayo, Ireland including Achill Island, Westport, and Croagh Head. [gallery type="rectangular" link="file" ids="1852,1853,1854,1855,1856,1857,1858,1859,1860,1861,1862,1863,1864,1865,1866,1867,1868,1869,1870,1871,1872,1873,1874,1875,1876,1877,1878,1879,1880,1881,1882,1883,1884,1885"]